Australian Reforming Catholics


SPOKESPERSON: Each Secretariat appoints a Spokesperson to represent ARC to the media. Currently the Spokesperson is John Buggy, Telephone 0419 217 543 email

The structure of Australian Reforming Catholics is determined by its overall intention to have an organisation without unnecessary hierarchy.

In accordance with the rules of an incorporated entity, each year at the Annual General Meeting the members elect a Secretariat of up to ten members to represent them in the work of the organisation.

The elected Secretariat attempts to reflect the standpoint of the majority of its members to both the Church and to the Media in highlighting the need for reform in the Catholic Church.

Members pay a small annual fee to support the organisation's activities; they receive a quarterly newsletter (Arcvoice) and a conference is held each year in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting on topics of interest in relation to the need for reform of the Church. Extra information is communicated by e-mail and mail outs.

The Secretariat provide leadership as a group. There is one Spokesperson to provide consistency in reflecting the organisatin's viewpoint, the Editor is responsible for producing the quarterly newsletter, and a third member handles the duties of Treasurer and Administration.

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