Australian Reforming Catholics

The Prayer of Australian Reforming Catholics

Jesus, our friend, through whom we see something of the mystery of God, help us in our efforts to reform structures, teachings and practices in the Church that developed over time from your simple command that we love one another.

Help us to discern and express what is in keeping with your Spirit and to inspire others to join us in the task of making the Church a visible sign of what your love means.

Enable us to make known biased teachings and practices that hurt and confuse those who seek you with willing hearts.

Give us the courage to speak and act in seeking necessary reform in the Church.

Empower us to work with the same love, compassion and truthfulness that showed in everything that you said and did.

May we be instruments in bringing about change so that more people feel happy to say ‘Our Church’ when they speak of the community or path that leads them to you.

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