Australian Reforming Catholics

Special Workshop and Annual General Meeting 2018

This was held in the Dover Heights Parish Community Centre
cnr of Dover Road and Napier St, Dover Heights
on Saturday October 6th 2018 commencing at 10.00 a.m

The purpose of this meeting was to prepare a submission to be presented to the Plenary Council 2020/21 on behalf of all ARC members

Twenty-two ARC members discussed the issues to be addressed and then wrote up the content for this submission.
The document was then presented to all ARC members for comment and additions
You can read the submission that was presented in February 2019 HERE

Photographs from Conference 2008 - Click here

Photographs from Conference 2006 - Click here

Photographs from Conference 2005 - Click here

The Design of the Banner

The colour white prevails, revealing the exterior and interior presence of the divine being we call God.  White is the brightest and most reflective of the colour spectrum.

The multi-dimensional character of our divinity has a long symbolic tradition of expression using three circles: the three persons of God.  In this depiction, the yellow represents whom we call the first person of God, the orange is an expression of the Holy Spirit while the vibrant red symbolises Jesus of Nazareth who personified and materialised a new way, a new truth and and a new life.

The extensions of the red circle show the disciples, a small community collected around a campfire perhaps, or around a table, talking with Jesus.  The red represents the visibles while the white is the invisibles that are a real part of the community of God.

The dots show the extended family, the village, the suburb, and the people of the world and beyond.  Again the colours of the visibles and the invisible are a part of the narrative.

The four outer dots reflect the ancient Christian symbol of the Cross that link traditions of the past to the emerging signs of the new.

The colours red, black and yellow, and the dots, link to the indigenous peoples of the land we now call Australia.  It was and it is this land that forms an integral belonging to their faith belief, which is now being explored by newcomers.

Alan Holroyd

Photographs of 2008 Conference

2008 2008 2008
2008 2008 2008
2008 2008 2008

Photographs of 2006 Conference

Assembled for Mass Music Group Bishop Power  and Fr McGrath
Assembled for MassMark Raue & Louise Robards Music GroupBishop Pat Power & Fr Peter McGrath
Fr Peter Bishop Power Eucharistic Prayer
Father Peter Reads The GospelBishop Pat PowerThe Eucharistic Prayer
Great Amen Peace to All Participants
The Great AmenPeace to AllAttentive Participants
Kate Englebrecht Fr Frank Brennan Discussion
Kate EnglebrechtFr Frank Brennan on ConscienceDiscussion Begins
The Panel Group Discusssion More Discussion
The PanelSmall Group DiscussionsMore Discussions
  More Discusssion  
 And More Discussions 

Photographs of 2005 Conference

Opening Prayer Fr John Ford Readings
Opening PrayerFr John FordReadings
Offertory Consecration Communion
Offertory - Fr John Ford with assistantsConsecrationCommunion

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