Australian Reforming Catholics

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A Church in Crisis?

Are you concerned about the direction of your church?

Australian Reforming Catholics will keep you informed and provide a forum for your views to be heard.

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Australian Reforming Catholics is a group of Catholics committed to achieving change within our Church

We wish to see and experience church structures, practices  and teachings that  more closely reflect the love of Jesus Christ, our friend, as revealed in the Gospels (John 15:14-17)

We act to highlight issues such as patriarchy and hierarchy.  We try to understand and experience the simplicity of Jesus' message: love, justice and peace..

Our message is contained in the ARC Prayer that asks for Jesus' help in achieving the change that we seek.

To read the ARC Prayer click HERE

Or to download the Prayer in Book Mark pdf format click HERE

If you too are concerned we invite you to join us.

With your help we can work together for reform of the Church in Australia.

A Membership Application can be printed by clicking HERE

The issues that concern us are dealt with more fully on the Conferences, Position Statements and History pages of our website

More information can be obtained from any of the members of the Secretariat listed on the Contacts page.

Spokesperson: John Buggy, Telephone 0419 217 543, email

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